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Advent Observance
Advent is a season in the Christian year that lasts for about four weeks. It begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. It is a time to observe the advent or coming of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. Many individuals observe Advent within the church and in their homes with the lighting of candles each week. This year the first Sunday in Advent is Sunday, December 1.

Advent Colors
There are a few other things about Advent, besides its themes, that you might find odd if you’re unfamiliar with the season. The strangest might be the Advent color scheme. We associate Christmas and the weeks leading up to it with typical Christmas colors: red, green, white, silver, and gold. Advent, on the other hand, features purple (or dark blue) and pink. The purple/blue color signifies seriousness, repentance, and royalty. Pink points to the minor theme of Advent, which is joy. For many observers of Advent, the first, second, and fourth Sundays of Advent are “purple/blue” Sundays. Only the third is a “pink” Sunday. The pink, joyful color reminds us that, even as Advent helps us get in touch with our sober yearning for God to come to us, we know that he did in fact come in the person of Jesus.  On Christmas Eve the white candle, sometimes called the Christ candle, is lite representing the purity of Christ.

Advent Resources
We would like to encourage you to include Advent Devotions in your personal and family life during this season.  It is a great way to be reminded of the true reason behind the season of Christmas.  Below are a few devotions you can include in your upcoming celebration.  CLICK LINKS BELOW

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